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In the era of message clutter, media overload and consumer indifference, creating a virtual marketing agency was a risky endeavor. That was back in 2006, and since then, as clients and former colleagues came to us for marketing strategies and implementation, we expanded our Infinite Solutions team of over-achievers, partners and razor sharp digital marketing specialists to help deliver innovative solutions locally, regionally and globally.

Our team of specialists separates us from traditional brick and mortar marketing firms. We think outside the rational box, we are passionate about results, we are operationally nimble. We believe innovative concepts are needed for all marketing campaigns, regardless of the media channels deployed. Our three-step process and hand-picked Infinite Solutions programs generate lasting impressions that propel our clients above their competition.

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We are passionate about our culture and invest in our people. We gather a diverse team and leverage their unique experiences, ideas, and techniques under an efficient virtual roof. Centralized by defined client goals, every member plays a key role and has a voice. With no geographic boundaries, nurturing this talent pool involves balancing work-life and committing to delivering outstanding strategy, creative and results. We take pride that our culture requires intellectual diversity and restlessness — yet gains strength from a unified set of core values that prioritizes client success.



Mental Marketing means

creating smart branding and marketing campaigns – whether outrageous, elegant or simple.  From one word to thousands of pages, our messages are remembered and stimulate the desired behavior.


Mental Marketing means

ingeniously using all forms of media and technology to deliver the greatest impact.


Mental Marketing means

 inspired creativity and production, using the best and brightest talent.


Mental Marketing means

seamless, efficient and honest collaboration… internally and externally.


Mental Marketing means

pioneering effective strategies driven by specific marketing goals, guts, inspiration and out of the rational thinking box.

3 steps Process


Since you are the expert on your organization, we dig deep to fully understand your situation and vision for the future, and through research and analysis, assess how your brand is perceived and opportunities for growth. We work closely with you to synthesize the most relevant information for strategic planning.


Realizing ROI, well, that’s what we do best. Delivering your vision requires a team held accountable by performance standards and then nailing it. We work as an extension of your staff to manage the campaigns and activities your team prefers to outsource. And, together we bring home the bacon!

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Mental develops a well-planned strategic marketing program to grow your brand, focusing on your unique story. We craft BIG IDEAS that get results, refine messages and calls to action, create content for your target audiences and organize your social media, advertising and public relations channels to deliver the highest return on investment.

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