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Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM)

The most successful community based social marketing programs deliver benefit-oriented marketing communications that inspire behavioral change. Whether targeting multiple socioeconomic groups, ethnicities, lifestyles, or language preferences, community based social marketing engages community members and removes structural barriers to bring about that behavioral change.

For example, to move a community towards a higher rate of ecofriendly and sustainable practices, members of that community need to be educated and incentivized on how to use resources more wisely. Whether it’s by employing methods of polluting less, recycling more or conserving water more efficiently, it is essential to know how to encourage individuals and businesses to adopt corresponding lifestyles. Mental gets it.

Using these tools, which are particularly effective when applied together, Mental helps clients:

  • Identify the barriers to a desired behavior
  • develop and pilot a program to overcome these barriers
  • implement programs across a community
  • evaluate the effectiveness of each program component and refining as we go

These marketing communications programs start with our approach to visualize, strategize and realize results using Mental’s award-winning Infinite Solutions team.

Branding Solutions

Branding is the sum total of everything that expresses your organization’s core – your image, your style and emotional connection with your employees, customers and influencers. Mental helps brands distinguish themselves and engage their audience by identifying emotional values and using them as a foundation for meaningful positioning and authentic storytelling. It is verbal, visual and emotional.

Branding success in the digital age begins with an exclusive point of differentiation and consistent messaging that reinforces what your organization stands for. Each interaction presents an opportunity to build (or potentially harm) your brand reputation. How can you assure that your identity, messaging, positioning and team are in sync?

The Infinite Solutions three-step process uncovers your organization’s authentic differentiator and what matters most to each of your key audiences. This approach is as valuable for building new brands as for reinvigorating established products and services with a new or refreshed visual identity and strategic messaging. We uncover what matters, bring it to light creatively and help you ensure that your message is ‘exclusively you’ with every interaction.

Advertising & Targeting Solutions

Advertising, first and foremost, connects your brand with the right people on an emotional level. As people move through all media channels and devices we deliver cohesive advertising experiences that move with them. And, then really move them. We make sure each ad campaign, of every size, scale or business category, cuts through the media clutter, inspires and engages audiences, and delivers the desired result.

The growth of mobile consumption, technology, and content delivery are merging to change the way we approach advertising. One of Mental’s core competencies is managing your ROI through a strategic PESO media mix approach: Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media. This ensures the ad, social, interactive, publicity and mobile advertising journey for your brand is being leveraged at every turn by providing the right owned media content and digital technology mix to access billions of earned, paid and shared media impressions. We ramp up campaigns quickly and reach highly targeted audiences at the moments that matter most through programmatic media buying, making sure your advertising is optimized, refreshed and delivered in real-time.

Public Relations

We believe the heart of successful communications lies in the art of telling meaningful and inspiring stories. Throughout history stories have always been about how humans connect, but how stories are delivered, and the growing intense competition for people’s attention has changed.

Today, telling the right story at the right time in the right place to reach the right audience is the key — whether it appears in a popular blog, short YouTube video, magazine feature, television broadcast or social network conversation string.

Mental’s publicity team uncovers your essential story, expressing what really matters — often in a way that hasn’t been considered before. It starts with developing a clear and compelling message, then shaping a narrative and choosing a platform that will capture the imagination of your audiences and spark a dialog.

Want to move your brand faster into the minds of your audiences in an affordable way? An Infinite Solutions public relations and branded content program will enlist the most reputable story tellers and media outlets to deliver your message that is relevant, timely, trusted, appreciated and valued.

Social & Content Solutions

An integral part of your business success is reaching customers through inventive and comprehensive social communication. Social media is not just about likes, shares and followers anymore. It’s rapidly merging with advertising, content development and publicity to leverage its shared voice making more about syndication, interactivity, engagement and ultimately conversion. Lifting engagement means building brands by stimulating interaction with and among those who matter—customers, influencers, communities and prospects.

Whether it’s custom video, online promotions, viral campaigns, engaging and uncovering broad or vertical social communities, growing Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, developing blog content, or deploying other new online tools and mobile applications, we strategically manage your brands ROI by using the right PESO media mix when it comes to social media and content development. PESO is Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media and we determine the optimal approach and owned content deliverable for your communications to help you navigate this fast-changing terrain of social media, whether shared or paid, and create mindshare, share of voice and tangible conversion.

Our social media and web/mobile PR programs achieve maximum impact not by simply using the newest or hippest technologies, but by developing content and leveraging the many available channels that authentically engage your audiences.

Mobile & Web

Brand marketers have good reason to be sensitive about their interactive presence. The question quickly evolved from “should I be here?” to “what should I do every day now that I am here?” At Mental, we know that your organization is one of a kind. We take the time to understand you, your brand and your target audiences to deliver an interactive presence that is easy to find, engaging and converts sales. Our experienced developers fortify your website with clean, optimized code making it dynamic, functional and effective for search marketing.

Many of the conventional SEO tactics from as little as a few months ago are getting less effective by the minute. To put it simply: Google is only getting smarter. Now that quality and relevance have taken the throne again, it is important to know how and where to position your content to get the greatest impact for every ounce of effort. Mental’s Infinite Digital Solutions team stays ahead of the curve in: organic content management, structuring blog content, building local relevance, assessing page rank, interpreting  search focused site audits, analytics and integrated media channels.