Successful community based social marketing programs deliver benefit-oriented marketing communications that inspire behavioral change. Whether targeting multiple socioeconomic groups, ethnicities, lifestyles, or language preferences, community based social marketing engages community members and removes structural barriers to bring about that behavioral change.

For example, to move a community towards a higher rate of ecofriendly and sustainable practices, members of that community need to be educated and incentivized on how to use resources more wisely. Whether it’s by employing methods of polluting less, recycling more or conserving water more efficiently, it is essential to know how to encourage individuals and businesses to adopt corresponding lifestyles. Mental gets it.

Using these tools, which are particularly effective when applied together, Mental helps clients:

  • Identify the barriers to a desired behavior
  • develop and pilot a program to overcome these barriers
  • implement programs across a community
  • evaluate the effectiveness of each program component

These programs follow our approach to visualize, strategize and realize results using an award-winning Infinite Solutions team.

Success Stories

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