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content-imageIt’s no secret that marketing has seen more change in the last couple years than the preceding 50, and last year was no exception. With the social media continuing to grow, it’s only natural that a major change in technology would follow. This trend is continuously evolving and changing how people consume content – and it’s no surprise that brands are having to change their marketing approaches because of it.

In the past year especially, we have seen brands utilize content marketing more and more to attract and retain customers. Although this is an ongoing process for companies, it is made easy with the numerous outlets they are using – ranging from social media to micro-sites – for consumers understand their valuable content. This enables changes in consumer behaviors because it forces them to stop, read and… wait for it… THINK!

Although social media has been popular for quite some time, it has really skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Brands have recognized this trend and realize social media is the easiest way to reach consumers of many demographics. I mean you can barely walk down the street without seeing a person talking or texting on their phone. People literally have the world’s knowledge at their fingertips at all times… and not only on their phones, but on their tablets and their desktops, too.

The number of people using multiple content platforms jumped 10% forcing marketers to develop responsive web designs for their content to be seen on every platform. With the growing use of multi-platform content marketing, it will be fun to see the new, innovative ways brands will continue to push their content in the New Year.

What are some of the biggest marketing changes you have seen in the past year? Have they impacted your habits? How has this affected the way brands need to behave?


About the Author

Melani Meister is the Assistant Marketing Coordinator at Mental Marketing, and a social media enthusiast. She has a love for shopping, baking and all things DIY and crafting! California native, wine lover and organizer extraordinaire.