Star of the Show

Moving Pictures to Drive Your Message

You want your company to stand out. But your company is not alone. Whether you sell trucks or telecom services, the challenge is the same. So how do you get your message out, define who you are and hold your customers’ attention? One of your best tools right now is your own video.

Let’s look at why. A survey last year found that Americans attention span when browsing online is on average just eight seconds. Are you still paying attention? There’s a time and place for other advertising, but video works differently. An engaging video, professionally produced casts you and your company as the Star of the Show®.

Need more? Let the data speak for itself:

Our production packages will draw your audience in and keep them rapt from start to finish.  It can also help shorten your sales cycle by delivering better informed and more confident prospects to your point of sale.

Example Video:

Brand Documentary

The 3 minute, high definition, dramatic entrance you’ve always wanted. Your brand’s story, personality and philosophy all get to be center stage. Even add employee and client testimonials for a more personal angle.


Need to explain how to use your product or service in 5 minutes? Your short walk-through video will be much more searched, used and appreciated than your instruction books. With professional voice over, creative and composition, your how-to video will stand out on YouTube and make your company proud.

Hosted Expert

An experienced on-air talent will position your brand as the expert in your industry, differentiating it from your competitors, and answering all your customers frequently asked questions right away. The Hosted Expert video is not promotional but is a way to build customer confidence and show how you interact with others and stand out from the competition.

As all programs and services are customized for your unique needs, a free estimate will be provided at no cost or obligation.

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