Kick Start

Branding Made Easy

Are you a new or young brand looking to swiftly and cost-effectively launch a new company, program, service-line or sub-brand?  Mental’s Infinite Solutions Kick Start program offers the benefits of award-winning brand identity creation, publicity, branded content and sales lead generation. All with a fast-track process that is easy and affordable to manage.

The Program Includes:

A single big idea—the core truth at the center of your brand
Key messages that support your big idea
Brand logo and tagline
Social media template
Website landing page or microsite
Press releases
Media lead follow up

The program allows you to remain nimble!

And as your product or business evolves, the continuity of your brand and its core values remain intact.  Find out how fast and affordable this program can be for your new brand, using Mental’s Infinite Solutions team!

Tier One
  • Brand Assessment
  • Big Idea
  • Positioning Statement
  • Tagline Creation
  • Logo, Business Cards, letterhead
  • Press Boilerplate
Tier Two
  • Tier 1 Services
  • WordPress Template Customized
  • eNewsletter Template
  • Marketing Plan
  • Press Release
  • Media Follow Up and Reporting – 30 days
Tier Three
  • Tier 1 and 2 Services
  • Social Media Program Outreach and Reporting –  60 days

As all programs and services are customized for your unique needs, a free estimate will be provided at no cost or obligation.

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