Infinite Touch

Connecting with Your Customers

There is a healthy shift in the marketing technology landscape that is focusing more on delivering compelling customer experiences than back-office analytics. With the Infinite Touch program, touchpoints and customer experiences are supported by actionable data to map out your marketing channels and key messages according to real contact moments. This enables your organization to make smart, sustainable customer-centric marketing decisions.

As a people-centric digital marketing solutions provider, we’ll help you visualize, strategize and realize a touchpoint marketing process from the customer experience – shown in this Forrester Research graphic. It helps visualize the different contact moments throughout the customer lifecycle, along with some communications vehicles that play a role at each point.

Tier One
  • Online Assessment
  • Customer Lifecycle Chart
  • Touchpoint Channel Strategy
  • Touchpoint Messaging strategy
Tier Two
  • Tier 1 Services
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Design
Tier Three
  • Tier 1 Services
  • Tier 2 Services
  • Loyalty Marketing Campaign Design

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