Meet the Mental Team

Carrie Souza Murphy / Media Director

Carrie brings more than 15 years of experience to the Infinite Solutions creative marketing team in media targeting and buying, including mobile, web, social, television, radio, print, outdoor and special event sponsorships. Prior to becoming a media buyer, Carrie worked as an account executive in San Francisco outlets for ABC Radio, CBS Radio and Clear Channel Communications, as well as in print medium for the San Francisco Chronicle. Having extensive advertising sales expertise, Carrie knows how media buying works from the inside out and knows how to negotiate and obtain the best deals possible. In addition to the media buy, Carrie increases our client’s campaign exposure by securing added value through sponsorships and promotional opportunities. Carrie is also well versed in buying media targeted for Hispanic, Asian and ethnic markets. She has managed media campaigns involving community engagement and encouraging behavioral change. Some of Carrie’s media buying campaigns include Visit Redding, Visit San Luis Obispo County, First 5 California, BayROC Stop Junk Mail, San Mateo County Supervisorial District Lines Advisory Committee, Energy Upgrade California, County of Los Angeles Stop Waste campaign, and Statewide and SCVWN Management District’s Spare the Air campaigns.

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Strategic and Sales Development

Maryann Stansfield

Vice President of Marketing

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Social Media Director

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Account Manager

Carrie Souza Murphy

Media Director

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Public Relations Manager

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Interactive and Social Networking

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Creative Director