Agency Overview

In the era of message clutter, media overload and consumer indifference, creating a full service virtual marketing agency was not necessarily a sensible endeavor. Our peers asked, “Have you gone mental?”  To which we happily replied, “Absolutely!”

That was back in 2006, and since then, as clients and former colleagues came to us for marketing strategies and implementation, we expanded our Infinite Solutions team of over-achievers, partners and razor sharp digital marketing specialists to help deliver creative solutions on an even larger scale.

We feel that our  team of “grey matter” specialists separates us from larger brick and mortar marketing firms. We think outside the rational box, we are passionate about results, we are operationally nimble.  We believe innovative concepts are needed for all  marketing channels and media formats.  Our three-step process and hand-picked Infinite Solutions programs generate lasting impressions that propel our clients above their competition.

Team Mental

Are you Mental Enough to Join the Team?

Let's Find Out!

Mental Culture

We combine many personalities, ideas and work methods under the virtual Mental roof and encourage teamwork with well defined goals. We strive to make sure everyone has a voice. You may think that’s mental. But by creating a structure based on ownership with flexibility, with a emphasis on work-life balance, we encourage commitment to great work.

We feel very passionate about our culture and believe in our people. In return they provide our clients with outstanding creative and definable results. We take pride that our culture allows, encourages, and demands intellectual diversity and restlessness — yet gains strength from being unified around our core values.

Mental Vision

Mental Marketing means creating smart branding and marketing campaigns – whether outrageous, elegant or simple.  From one word to thousands of pages, our messages are remembered and stimulate the desired behavior.

Mental Marketing means ingeniously using all forms of media and technology to deliver the greatest impact.

Mental Marketing means inspired creativity and production, using the best and brightest talent in all mediums.

Mental Marketing means seamless, efficient and honest collaboration… internally and externally.

Mental Marketing means pioneering effective custom strategies driven by specific marketing goals, guts, inspiration and out of the rational thinking box.

We are Mental after all.

Mental Core Values

Success is vital

To succeed in today’s marketplace, we actively bond with others equally driven to madness, er..success. We measure our success by the success of our employees, strategic partners and our clients.

Creativity is strength

Creative thinking is our weapon. In order to find the right way to deliver a message or solve a problem, we encourage extensive participation and boundless idea-generation. High-level creativity demands personal interaction and chemistry. Straightforward attitudes and tell-it-like-it-is communication between teams leads to the best collaboration, and the best solutions.

Ownership of our business

Employees are owners in Mental and are empowered to make decisions to help clients succeed. We treat each other with respect, we’re there for each other when needed, and we have fun in the process. And there’s a business reason for this as well.

Have fun

Work is demanding. And so is the necessity of having fun. It’s what sparks creativity, and maintains our Mental well being. The opportunity to do brilliant work is what attracts people to Mental, and it’s the culture that keeps them here.

Ideas can be risky

You can lead a client to a pot of gold but you can’t make them take it. Human nature and time can sometime get us thinking “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. ” The biggest risk some businesses face is becoming complacent or being unwilling to change. Our job is to help clients see marketing and risk as an ally, to minimize the risks, and to maximize the results.

Remaining humble

Being pretentious and arrogant stifles creativity, and slows down collaboration as well. We enjoy our successes with our clients and know we wouldn’t be here without them.

Dignity of the individual

We believe in the dignity of the individual and like to focus on the unique capabilities and characteristics they bring to our team. At Mental, ideas aren’t confined to boundaries or hierarchies—they’re encouraged by everyone, in every department.

Be open to a new path

We believe everyone has something to offer and each one of us will travel differently on the same path. In today’s society, the path is constantly changing from global economics to personal technology. That being said, we encourage experimentation and trying new ideas. It keeps us on our toes and breeds creativity.

Mental Clients

What People Say About Us

Mental Marketing helped Paso Robles meet and exceed its marketing goals from 2009-2014. We couldn’t have accomplished so many of our  significant milestones without their dedication and leadership. Most importantly, we never felt like we were just an “account” for Mental Marketing, ever. I would, and regularly do, highly recommend Mental Marketing.

Shonna Howenstine

- City Tourism Coordinator of Paso Robles, California
Mental Marketing created my company brand and marketing plan for my start-up four years ago. They are strategic, creative, responsive and prudent with the budget. I always recommend this team!

Michele Roest

- Founder of Science and Environmental Education Development (SEED)
We appreciate Mental Marketing’s approach to strategy and their creative approach to working with our in-house team. They have helped us  take our destination marketing to the next level.

Laurie Baker

- Laurie Baker, Executive Director of Redding Visitor & Conference Bureau
Mental’s Kick Start program transformed our brand. The process was strategic, thorough, creative and cost-effective. Their team collaborated with our team effectively, provided solutions and launched the Norcast Telecom Networks brand successfully.

Jacquie Johnston

- President of Norcast Telecom Networks