About the Project

The San Luis Obispo County tourism BID board contracted Mental Marketing to work with other agencies and seven local tourism boards to evolve a 10 destination travel brand to increase awareness and occupancy to 500 lodging members during shoulder season.

The turnkey rebrand included research and development of a new destination identity, marketing plan, key messaging, event strategy, collateral and public relations strategy.  This effort launched a new and highly successful consumer brand — the 101 mile California Highway 1 Discovery route.

To differentiate the pristine coastal route and attract outdoor enthusiasts who care about responsible travel, Mental launched the first multi-destination Stewardship Travel program including an annual Coastal Discovery & Stewardship Month campaign every January and February, a traditionally slow travel month. This Stewardship Travel program stimulates participation in historical, cultural and environmental adventures and bookings during the slow season.

Through fully integrated public relations, social media, content marketing, broadcast, print and mobile campaigns targeting drive market California travelers by their lifestyle and travel preferences, the turnkey program has been exceeding expectations.