Whether you realize it or not, content marketing is beginning to take over the way brands strategize their marketing efforts. This take-over comes from consumers continuously tuning out traditional marketing communications and their desire for the influences that content marketing delivers.

But what is content marketing, and where is it headed? Simply put, content marketing focuses on building a relationship between the brand and the consumer and it is about to completely change existing marketing strategies. Here are a few trends we can look for in 2014.

Content marketing will be defined and hired.

An estimated 60% of businesses are already using some form of content marketing, but currently, only a few of them would be able to give a clear definition of what it actually is. In the next year organizations will be see the importance of content marketing and the vital role it plays within the business.

Currently, companies lack a content job position and with the trend of content marketing skyrocketing, many are realizing this is a huge hold in their organization charts. In the coming year, CEOS will be influenced to invest in content strategies and a new job title. This means companies will hire a dedicated “Content Marketing Manager,” “Director of Content,” or even a “Chief Content Officer.”

Everyone will invest in mobile

Not creating a mobile content strategy is no longer an option. With phone usage and smartphone adoption increasing, content marketers will need to adjust all content to be visible on a smaller screen as well. Without the “mobile-first” mentality, your brand will take a nosedive, much like the flip phone. Consumers are now, more than ever, reading on the go and without adhering to this trend, businesses will be missing a big piece of the puzzle.

Location-based content marketing

Continuing on the mobile trend, GPS-enabled mobile devices are also on the rise. With this, businesses will be utilizing mobile user’s location to provide flash deals based on their whereabouts. Storefronts that fail to adopt this location-based content marketing will not be able to compete with competitors that capitalize on flash deals and offers.

Again, content marketing is all about providing valuable, dependable information for consumers to trust your brand. It involves a lot of strategy, preparation and mostly creativity, making it an exciting trend to watch. It will be a fun to see how brands implement various strategies in this next year.

How will you execute your content marketing this year?