Companies come in all shapes and sizes, and at Mental, we get that. Whether you are a new start-up, or  up, running and dreaming big, your path to success is always changing. That’s why we created a series of new marketing programs to fit our clients needs every step of the way. Our Infinite Solutions Marketing Programs are ready-made, affordable, and devised to deliver. Where do you see yourself here?

Kick Start – Branding Made Easy

Are you a new or young brand looking to swiftly and cost-effectively launch a new company, program, service-line or sub-brand?  Our Infinite Solutions Kick Start program offers the benefits of award-winning brand identity creation, publicity, branded content and sales lead generation. All with a fast-track process that is easy and affordable to manage.

Reputacity – Building Brand Awareness

Your brand and your reputation are the foundation on which your organization is built. Even if you have many brands, the world perceives you as one organization. Designed for organizations looking to efficiently build brand awareness through publicity and simultaneously enhance and maintain a strong reputation, the Infinite Solutions Reputacity offers you a tightly focused solution.

Infinite Touch – Connecting with Your Customers

There is a healthy shift in the marketing technology landscape that is focusing more on delivering compelling customer experiences, than back-office analytics. With the Infinite Touch program, touchpoints and customer experiences are supported by actionable data to map out your marketing channels and key messages according to real contact moments. This enables your organization to make smart, sustainable customer-centric marketing decisions.

Star of the Show – Video to Drive Your Message

You want your company to stand out. But your company is not alone. Whether you sell trucks or telecom services, the challenge is the same. So how do you get your message out, define who you are and hold your customers’ attention? One of your best tools right now is your own video.

Let’s look at why. A survey last year found that Americans attention span when browsing online is on average just eight seconds. Are you still paying attention? There’s a time and place for other advertising, but video works differently. An engaging video, professionally produced casts you and your company as the Star of the Show®.

AppSolve – Mobile Development

Studies confirm that the smartphone is the number one means of communication. People spend more time with their smartphone than with their partner, family or relatives. This means custom Apps for smartphones should be in integral part of your communications mix. Apps are specifically designed for smartphones and can function much more effectively than mobile-responsive websites. Smartphones are screaming for native Apps because you can open them directly, they are faster, more dynamic and work like a charm, even when offline.  And building your own native App is no longer expensive or labor intensive. Thanks to Mental’s AppSolve, which makes the process strategic and efficient, there’s no excuse to not deploy your own branded App for Android and iOS.

GlobeGrower – International Brand Reach

The pace of globalized trade, outsourcing, and supply-chaining is speeding up and its impact on small and emerging businesses is breathtaking. Yet, taking a small business global is a complex and dynamic process that requires a deep understanding of the targeted markets, the competition, current local market trends and other factors to succeed. That’s where GlobeGrower comes in.

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